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The bat has a flat end, and is in overall excellent condition with the occasional ding and battle scar.00.00 1890's Spalding Zebra stripe Ring Bat.These bats were produced from the 1920s through the 1970s.Flame Tempered is a process of drying and hardening the wood with lower grade baseball bats.The H& B brand denotes a lower grade and lower priced retail bat. This beautiful bat features many dark colored rings.This bat features the Spalding mark, with the model number XX.

SOLD ITEM 3: The offered item is a 1910's Zimmerman brand baseball bat.

In addition to revenue generated from the sale of their own items, Louisville Slugger Museum will also receive a portion of the proceeds from third party consignments.

This unprecedented event will no doubt make auction history, as several world record prices were likely broken including the record Hunt Auctions, Inc.

00.00 Beautiful Circa 1890's League Brand Ring Baseball Bat. This bat measures 29.5 inches long and is a great early Reach bat.

Many walk into the batter's box holding a Louisville Slugger, customized in inches and ounces.

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The markings are strong and bold making for a nice look and display.

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