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Desktop dating wiki

Search is case insensitive, meaning that "in:inbox" is the same as "in: Inbox".The minus sign (-) is a synonym for NOT So: not in:inbox is the same as -in:inbox In most cases, it is not necessary to include punctuation-type characters in your search string, as these are ignored by the search code.Re-use of these images (re-post, distribution) is strictly prohibited. Please follow these rules when using this wiki, as breaking the rules can lead to penalties such as banning your account.Remember to see this as a preventive measure to keep a healthy environment rather than threats or punishments.Bare words (words without a search operator) are interpreted to search in the 'content:' operator -- this matches any text in the message.More advanced searches can be done by specifying a search operator.

For example: You can prefix any keyword with the word "not" to specify items that do not have that criterion, for example not in:inbox.The KDE® Community is a free software community dedicated to creating an open and user-friendly computing experience, offering an advanced graphical desktop, a wide variety of applications for communication, work, education and entertainment and a platform to easily build new applications upon.We have a strong focus on finding innovative solutions to old and new problems, creating a vibrant atmosphere open for experimentation.Before asking questions about a card ruling and/or game mechanic, please read the Standard Fight Rules or the Rulings page of the specific card first, because the answer to your question may be in either of the mentioned pages.Do not use terms that can be considered offensive in other cultures.

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You can move between the preview windows with the Right and Left arrow keys or with the mouse pointer.

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