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In the video, the children, who ranged from the complexions of Halle Berry to Michelle Obama, were asked questions about which baby was "better," "more beautiful," and more likely to "succeed" when they became adults.The two babies included in the experiment were white and black. While some of the children were conscious of racism, against it and embraced their skin color, the majority of the children tried to deny any affiliation with the darker baby.I didn't curse the Dominican society I grew up in or even the family members who I've heard say racist things about African-Americans.I was saddened because I thought just like them at one point in my life.In addition, the Tainos were excellent sculptors who drew up ceremonial artifacts of great artistic expression as duhos or ceremonial seats, idols or cemíes, instruments for the cohoba ritual and monolithic rings.

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Most Dominicans nowadays rarely resemble what the Tainos looked like, and only a few families have some Taino blood in their generations.

Preserved in time, still many artifacts and stone pottery can be found in the island, and their simple art they left behind in caves.

The Dominican Republic Tainos were the most peaceful of these indigenous groups.

The Taino developed a culture based primarily on agricultural production that allowed them to craft a significant increase of utilitarian objects such as vases and other containers made of clay and wood, well-polished stone axes, objects of basketry and woven plant fibers cotton which were decorated with dyes extracted from the Jagua (Genipa Americana) and annatto (Bixa orellana), with which they also painted their bodies on special occasions.

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