Facebookdatingtips com

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Facebookdatingtips com

I think until you’re in a relationship, you should just keep it, press the like button, don’t put anything too scandalous or flirty out there.

And if you met her when you were out one night, make sure she actually gave you her last name before you send a friend request.Because if you like their pictures or say that they’re hot or sexy in them, and then the other person they’re dating sees it, it just makes it a little tedious, and a little difficult to explain.Basically, just keep it light, keep it simple and keep it private.Post an anagram of “I love you Tina” (let’s say her name is Tina) or any message you want to give her, on her wall, in the form of an intricate picture.Here’s a cool little app that rearranges any text string into various funny anagrams. If she seems to have missed the trick, you can challenge her over chat to solve the puzzle hidden in your post.

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I introduced three couples who married so I already have my ticket for Jewish heaven, but a few bonus matches could mean an extra-fluffy cloud to rest on for eternity.