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last Tuesday when “Money” took the stage during the first leg of their world tour press conference in Los Angeles. While “Notorious” was given a microphone, he was unable to retort, suddenly silenced after one single outburst.Mixed martial arts (MMA) fans speculated that Showtime — in bed with Mayweather after a monster contract deal — was playing favorites.saying they bullied her, adding they are responsible for Kathy losing jobs, including her CNN gig. that male artists like Marilyn Manson went way further and escaped the wrath of the public.Bloom says the President's family is trying to "ruin" Kathy. Kathy echoed the sentiment, saying this wouldn't have happened "to a white guy." It sure sounds like Bloom is taking back her client's apology, when she said the photo shoot went too far. Bloom says the Secret Service has even contacted Kathy.Not according to Showtime Sports vice president Stephen Espinoza: “At no point did Showtime or event productions cut any microphones intentionally during Tuesday’s kickoff event in Los Angeles.The point of this world tour is to let these superstars interact with the fans and with each other.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion Conor Mc Gregor was getting shit on by Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Ziggies celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2014, and while it's hailed as Denver's oldest blues bar, it's been updated over the years, giving the place a modern feel while preserving its heritage.

One thing hasn't changed, though: The walls of Ziggies still bleed blue.

This is definitely one of the better episodes of Sex And The City.

Inspite of nothing much happening,we get to see Carrie's relationship problems magnified after Mr Big and Aiden gets into a fight.

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Bloom said the Tyler Shields photo was never intended to harm Trump's son.