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Last week’s episode was a surprisingly effective character piece, getting at the sympathetic as well as the funny in Quagmire.

Season 12, Episode 2October 6, 2013Peter has a twin growing out of his neck and names him Chip, but it's not long before everyone takes a shine to the appendage and Peter begins to feel like a second-class citizen, so he decides to literally cut him loose.

Then there are hapless teens Meg and Chris; sassy baby Stewie, who's wise (and a wise guy) beyond his years; and family dog Brian, who might be the smartest of the lot.

Series creator Set Animated antics of the constantly grousing Griffins, a family that put some fun in dysfunctional.

All of the jokes are nothing but shock value, random 80s references, and the usual race stereotypes that are barely above Carlos Mencia in terms of wit.

I don't think even Carlos Mencia would steal this material. In one episode, Meg does what many fans have been dying for and calls her family out on how they treat her.

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Series 12 starts off with an episode that turns the residents of Quahog against each other when Peter believes that he has found a treasure map.